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Czech medical spa centres announce plans to help reduce stress on NHS at new London Medical Conference

The Czech Republic will showcase its world-leading medical spas and cutting edge physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pain management programmes at a new Medical Conference in London next month.

The event, taking place on the 20th November 2019 at the Czech Embassy, will showcase the latest trends in the world of rehabilitation and physiotherapy through a series of talks, workshops and networking. The event will bring together some of Europe’s best medical spas and highlight a new concept bringing UK patients personalised recovery programs from the Czech Republic.

Medical Spa Partners (MSP) is a new social enterprise that provides industry leading physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pain programmes. The not-for-profit organisation aims to offer UK patients a personalised service that will enable a quicker recovery to active life, and help alleviate strain on the NHS.

Clients will receive UK based consultations with expert NHS consultants, who then recommend a comprehensive treatment programme and work together with leading spas across the Czech Republic. These programmes range from knee, hip and spine recovery to brain injury rehabilitation and chronic headache solutions.

Working in the NHS as a Consultant Neurologist Dr Jitka Vanderpol became aware of the limitations within the NHS system to provide intensive physiotherapy & rehabilitation programs.

“As a medical professional, I was painfully aware of shortages in a provision of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, within the whole UK” Dr Vanderpol said. “The UK medical spa industry focuses on beauty therapy, but doesn’t address common issues such as physiotherapy following hip or knee joint replacement and patients suffer at home with very limited physiotherapy support “

“Czech medical centres offer intense targeted physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes tailored for each patient, helping to recuperate following surgery, help with pain management, educate patients about lifestyle and nutrition… all led by medical professionals.” Dr Vanderpol continued.

“We are proudly supporting this conference that we believe is a new gateway to raising the awareness of medical spa centres and aiding the recovery of as many patients and clients as possible by bringing them to the beautiful Czech Republic. The magic of ancient traditions, services tried and tested over many years and top medical care for the body and mind is what the Czech health industry has to offer.” said Katarina Hobbs, Director of CzechTourism for the UK and Ireland.

All MSP partners are EU MEDISPA accredited medical centres with highly trained teams of experts, currently only in the Czech Republic. MSP have personally visited and selected the most reputable centres, where a long tradition of health provision goes hand in hand with the expertise, skills and understanding of patient’s needs.

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