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The key trends and treatments likely to be impacting the health and spa industry in 2021. Interview with Dr Jitka Vanderpol MD FRCP MBA

CzT_Pozvanka_Lazensky_webinar_A4_ENG_(1047_20)_III What are the main symptoms related to COVID and how can the Czech Republic spa and health resorts help tackle these? A short term acute symptoms of Covid 19...

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Treatment effects of carboxytherapy

If you are considering a medical spa treatment in the Czech Republic, it might be of interest to you to learn a bit about traditional medical spa procedures. Among them,...

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Czech medical spa centres announce plans to help reduce stress on NHS at new London Medical Conference

The Czech Republic will showcase its world-leading medical spas and cutting edge physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pain management programmes at a new Medical Conference in London next month. The event, taking...

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Medical Conference New trends in the world of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in traditional Czech Medical Spa Towns

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, CzechTourism, Embassy of the Czech Republic in London and our partners cordially invites you to the Medical Conference New trends in the world of rehabilitation and...

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A specific inpatient aquatic physiotherapy program improves strength after a total hip or knee replacement surgery

Rehabilitation | June 23, 2019

Dr Rahman, Dr Brauer and Dr Nitz conducted a study, where participants were randomly assigned to receive one of the 3 types of inpatient physiotherapy: 1. aquatic physiotherapy, 2. nonspecific...

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Targeted rehabilitation can shorten your recuperation time

Rehabilitation | June 17, 2019

Patients have a long way to regain good health and strength after a serious illness or surgery. The length of the period of recuperation varies based on the health condition...

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Looking for an extraordinary environment with quality facilities for rehabilitation, regeneration and relaxation?

Rehabilitation | June 7, 2019

Bělohrad Spa has a long tradition in the treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system problems. A curative stay at our complex is intended for clients with chronic and degenerative problems...

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