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~ Neurology Consulting and Physiotherapy Referral Services

We provide timely appointments with Consultant Neurologist in Neurology Clinic and Headache & Migraine Clinic. Where required we can arrange an appointments with Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist in Electrophysiology Clinic for electromyogram (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS) or further investigations (e.g., CT, MRI scan, Lumbar Puncture).

Our treatment program includes interventions (Greater Occipital Nerve Block, Multiple Cranial Nerves Block, Botox for Chronic Migraine, Monoclonal Antibodies injectables for migraine) and life-style coaching.

We can assist you to access residential physiotherapy programs tailored to your specific needs, to achieve the best possible recovery and help you to return back to your active life.

We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and our main interest is to help you.

We reviewed care quality and partner only with renowned providers locally and in Europe.


Our Medical Professionals will recommend the best recovery solutions.

Neurology Consultants

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Professional medical consultations and advice

Liaison Services

We liaise with you and arrange a suitable appointment in clinic with Consultant and communicate your needs.

We can provide you an advice about our services and partnering physiotherapists locally and in European medical resorts. After a medical consultation with one of our consultants, if required you can get referred to a most suitable medical centre for physiotherapy.

Private Consultation Services

We offer UK based medical teleconference (SKYPE, FT, Zoom) and face to face consultations in clinic in the Lake District with:

Dr Vanderpol Consultant Neurologist, with expertise in general neurology, epilepsy, headache & migraine and interest in complimentary therapies.

Dr Steve Coates Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist, specialising in neurophysiology, peripheral nerves problems and electrophysiology of neuromuscular disorders.

Barbara Wingrove, our Neurology Specialist Nurse Consultant, with expertise in variety neurological conditions and interventions can see you if you require Botox treatment of lumbar puncture privately.

Based on your health condition, we recommend a comprehensive treatment advice.

We organise further investigations if required (e.g. CT, MRI, X- Ray, EMG, NCS) and where required Lumbar Puncture.

We organise interventions (Greater Occipital Nerve Block, Multiple Cranial Nerves Block, Botox for chronic migraine).

We provide you with treatment advice or private prescription for medications licensed in the UK.


What our clients are saying.
Very kind and caring doctor, we felt that she listened.

“Please pass on our thanks to Dr Vanderpol who was very kind and caring towards my mother. My mother really felt that she listened. She gave us some options if things get very bad again, so it has given us some hope. Thank you for your efficient service.”

~Angela, Lake District Neurology Clinic, December 2022 

I was referred to a European medical centre for an intense residential physiotherapy stay not available in the UK.

“Lovely medical staff that always takes care, helps and supports you, so that everything would go very well. Treatments according to the referral, always done in a professional way. A state-of-the-art medical spa facilities that include pools, a jacuzzi, wet and dry saunas and a great team of very attentive and knowledgable physiotherapists. Without a doubt, the centre is suitable for an intense physiotherapy.”

~Reuven, Hvezda, Marienbad, July 2018

Professionals providing the best recovery solutions.

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