Knee, hip and spine postoperative physiotherapy

~ Postoperative Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

For the success of a surgical intervention, not only well executed surgical procedure is needed, but also correctly performed physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Our goal is to offer you a customised postoperative rehabilitation and physiotherapy program to maximise the benefits of a successful surgery, maximise the joint function, speed up the recovery time, enabling you to return back to a full and active life.

Most of the NHS patients are discharged just 3-5 days after the surgery, provided with early physiotherapy advice and only limited ambulatory physio input following the discharge. This usually provides patient with prolonged recovery path.

You can start planning your residential postoperative rehabilitation and physiotherapy stay at one of our partnering centres already prior to your surgery.

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Our Medical Professionals arrange personalised recovery plan.

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Postoperative Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

The aims of the knee joint rehabilitation:

knee joint rehabilitation

  • Loosen the shorten ligaments to enable complete 90- degree flexion
  • Enable full extension of the knee
  • Strengthening weakened muscles, focusing on quadriceps muscle to stabilise knee joint
  • Practice correct walking mechanism

The aims of the hip joint rehabilitation:

  • Improve joints mobility
  • Loosen up shortened hip ligaments and muscles
  • Improve muscles strength and bulk
  • Practice correct walking stereotype
  • Correct body posture

The aims of the spinal rehabilitation:

spinal surgery rehabilitation

  • Improve the spinal mobility
  • Reduce or eliminate pain post-surgery
  • Stabilise the spinal segment where the surgery was performed
  • Improve muscles strength and bulk
  • Practice correct walking stereotype and correct body posture

Typically offered treatments:

  • Hydrotherapies using still water or mineral water from the local springs, whirlpool baths, massaging hydrotherapies or individual and group exercises in a pool (aqua gymnastics), to improve joints mobility.
  • Thermotherapies using heated wraps (mud, paraffin) applied on areas surrounding operated joint to relax muscles and ligaments.
  • Electro and magneto therapies to improve metabolisms of tissue surrounding joint to speed up the healing processes and reduce swelling and pain.
  • Education about correct exercises and movement stereotypes to avoid incorrectly performed movements and injuries related to it.
  • Advanced exercises program initially without resistance later with increasing resistance, one to one and in groups.
  • Targeted medical massage and reflexology massage to loosen up the muscles and improve mobility of the joint muscles.

This program is designed for patients after successful knee/hip or spinal surgery and further customised to tailor to specific needs of each patient. It is recommended that patient would travel to medical spa resort not sooner than one month following the surgery and to achieve substantial results, stay minimum 2-3 weeks. It is also advised patient would arrange for assistance service at the home and destination airports.

What our clients are saying.

Right after my first meeting with the doctor, I knew I was in good hands.

“The doctor is fantastic, she treated me thoroughly every day and helped me with both my physical and mental wellbeing in a very professional way. I am after a hip replacement and after the complication that arose during the surgery, the doctor set up a therapeutic program and helped me to recover well. Right after my first meeting with consultant, I knew I was in good hands.”

~Irena, The Tree of Life, Belohrad, March 2019

I was referred for a residential physiotherapy unparalleled to the UK options

“Medical staff always takes care, helps and supports you, so that everything would go very well. Treatments according to the referral, always done at a professional way. A state-of-the-art spas that include a pool with a jacuzzi, wet and dry saunas and a team of very attentive and knowledgable physiotherapists. Without a doubt, this medical centre is suitable for an intense physiotherapy.”

~Reuven, Hvezda, Marienbad, July 2018

Our consultants provide patient centred solutions to maximise your recovery.

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