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Helping you access neurology care and physiotherapy to achieve the best possible recovery.

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  • GMC registered medical professionals
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Rehabilitation Specialist

Bespoke care plans to help you
strengthen your immune system and
fully recover from Covid-19.

Long Covid-19 Recovery Program

When Covid-19 strikes, it can leave many patients struggling with long term symptoms. Intense targeted physiotherapy and respiratory care is vital to speed up recovery.

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covid rehab

Cutting edge physiotherapy, rehabilitation.

Postoperative & Injury Recovery

  • Latest in medical technology & treatments
  • The highest care quality
  • Reputable medical centres in popular medical spa resorts in Europe
  • Treatment programs tailored to your specific needs
  • Relaxing and ambient atmosphere in medical spa hotels instead of hospital environment
Medical spas offer tailored recovery programs designed to get you back to optimal health.

Customised Rehabilitation Programs. Long Covid 19 recovery.

When pain starts to interfere with your everyday life it is time to undergo an expert medical spa treatment. We reviewed the care quality and selected the best European Medical Centres for their expertise in managing a wide variety of health problems. Offering specialist programs customised to your specific needs by a local expert team to help you recuperate after a joint replacement surgery, relieve pain and stiff muscles, recover from long term post Covid 19 symptoms, focusing on specific symptoms which trouble or restrict you in your everyday life.

What our clients are saying.

Medical Spa Partners knew exactly what I needed and which medical centre was the best for my unique situation.

“The physiotherapy treatments are excellent and are given in a professional and courteous manner. We have got to know quite a few of the practitioners over the years and we always get a friendly welcome on our return.”

~ Paul, Hotel Imperial, Carlsbad, October 2019