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What is Balneotherapy?

Medical Spa | August 23, 2019

The definition of balneotherapy taken from Wikipedia is following:

Balneotherapy is the treatment by water-based treatments, using natural thermal springs, mud, mineral or seawater to induce relaxation, reduce pain, stiffness in muscles and joints, improve function, circulation, stimulate the immune system and revitalise the body. Balneotherapy takes place at centres with mineral springs, thermal or seawater baths.

It is my personal experience and experience of many clients that the effect of bathing in mineral and warm waters is mainly relaxing, providing significant relief to spasticity and tense muscles, increases blood flow, secondarily reducing pain. Furthermore, it relaxes the whole body and mind, making you feel generally very well, relieving stress and shortening the initiation of sleep. Balneotherapy (hydrotherapy in mineral water, mud peats) have been one of the favourite procedures in the European historical spa towns, drawing people to come back.

(Dr J Vanderpol MD, FRCP, MBA, August, 2019)