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A specific inpatient aquatic physiotherapy program improves strength after a total hip or knee replacement surgery

Rehabilitation | June 23, 2019

Dr Rahman, Dr Brauer and Dr Nitz conducted a study, where participants were randomly assigned to receive one of the 3 types of inpatient physiotherapy: 1. aquatic physiotherapy, 2. nonspecific exercise, or 3. ward based physiotherapy.

The research conclusions are fascinating, the team found that a specific inpatient aquatic physiotherapy program has the most positive effect on early recovery of hip and knee after a surgery. The research also indicates that targeted aquatic physiotherapy can be safely considered in early postoperative phase. This study was published in Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation in October 2009. It supports our findings and the experience from our partnering medical centres, where targeted hydrotherapy and aquatic physiotherapy form an essential part of the rehabilitation.

(reviewed by: Mr Y Jagatsinh, MBBS M S (Tr & Orth) MRCS Ed, FRCP, 2018)